Elizabeth Magill lives and works in London

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Headland, The New Art Gallery, Walsall
Headland, Ulster Museum, Belfast
Still (dark), Matt's Gallery, London
Headland, RHA Galleries, Dublin
Headland, Limerick City Art Gallery and Museum, Limerick
Headland, Wilkinson Gallery, London
Quasi–Real & Branch–Like, Wilkinson Gallery, London
Green Light Wanes... , Kerlin Gallery, Dublin / Towner Art Gallery & Museum, Eastbourne
Venice, Marlborough Graphics
Chronicle of Orange, Wilkinson Gallery, London (publication)
Arborescence, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin
Recent Paintings (touring exhibition), Ikon Gallery, Birmingham / Milton Keynes
Gallery, Milton Keynes / BALTIC,
Gateshead, / Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea
Artemis Greenberg Van Doren, New York NY (publication)
Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery, Dublin
Galerie Ghislaine Hussenot, Paris
Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London

Gallery Deux, Tokyo, Japan
Peer, Peer Trust Gallery, London
Kerlin Gallery, Dublin
Southampton City Art Gallery,
Southampton (publication)
Galerie 102, Dusselsorf, Germany
Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool
Belongings, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin
Emilio Navarro Gallery, Madrid (publication)
Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol (publication)
Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (publication)

Belfast College of Art, Fine Art Degree, Painting
Slade School of Art, University College, London, MA Painting
Selected Group Exhibitions

Legacies: JMW Turner & contemporary art practice The New Art Gallery Walsall,
A Certain Kind of Light Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne
Public View, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool
High Treason: Roger Casement Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin
A Certain Kind of Light Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne
Public View, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool
Talking to Deptford Deptford X, London
RUA Annual Ulster Museum, Belfast
Art Without Borders RHA Galleries, Dublin
Twixt Two Worlds Towner,
Eastbourne, UK
Death & Dying MAG3 project space, Vienna, Austria
Annual Exhibition, Royal Ulster Academy, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Under the Greenwood, Gerald Moore, Gallery, London, UK
Annual Exhibition, Royal Ulster Academy, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Under the Greenwood, St Barbe Museum, Lymington, Hampshire, UK
Landscape, Hite Collection, Soeul, Korea
Interlude, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin
The Hunt Museum, Limerick
Art Council Collection
Summer Show, Royal Academy, London
Summer Show, Royal Academy of Arts, Invited artist, London
Paralell Remix, laura Hutton Gallery, New York
Double Interview, Artspace Hue, Seoul, Korea, I–Myu Projects, London, Soeul Art Space, Seogyo
Summer Show, Royal Academy, London
Known Unknown, Gallery LOOP, Soeul, Korea
Elizabeth Magill & John Frankland, The Russian Club Gallery, London,
Northern Print Biennale, Laing Art Gallery, Hatton Gallery Newcastle
Skies, Nottingham Museum & Art Gallery, Nottingham
There not There, Crawford Museum, Cork
Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane, (publication)
Out of Place, The New Art Gallery, Walsall
Melancholia, Andrew Jensen Gallery, New Zealand
Siar, IMMA, Dublin
Landscape 2, Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne
Something Else (touring exhibition), Turku Art Museum, Turku, Finland (publication)
I Love Melancholy, Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sunderland & Southampton City Art Gallery
IMMA/Glen Dimplex Exhibition, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (publication)
Shifting Ground: Fifty Years of Irish Art, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (publication)
Places in Mind, Elizabeth Magill/ Adam Chodzko/ Stan Douglas, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast (publication)
Primio Michetti 2000, Fondazione Michetti, Italy (publication)
0044, PS1, New York and Allbright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo / Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast / Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork (publication)
Artist Unknown, Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London
Irsk 96, Kulturfest, Arhus Kunstbyoning, Arhus, Denmark (publication)
IMMA/Glen Dimplex Artists Award, Irish Museum of Modern Art(publication)
New Voices, British Council Touring Exhibition (publication)
Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
Welcome Europe, Holsoboro Kunstmuseum, Denmark (publication)
A View of London, Salzburg Kunstverein, Austria (publication)
The British Art Show, McLennan Galleries, Glasgow / Leeds City Art Gallery / Hayward Gallery, London (publication)
Decoy, Serpentine Gallery, London (publication)
GPA, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin (publication)


The British Embassy, Yangon, Myanmar
Saarlandisches Kunstlerhaus, Saarbruken, Germany
'Momart Fellowship', Tate Gallery, Liverpool


'Venice' Print Project, Paragon/Paupers press, Venice/London
Parlous Land, Paragon Press Publications, London
Multples x 6, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin
Pieces of Paper Press, Artist's Books, London
Public Arts Development Trust, Heathrow Airport, London


1999 London Arts Board
1995 British Council
1989 Arts Council of Northern .Ireland
1984 Boise Travel Scholarship
1983 GPA Award, Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin


Allied Irish Bank
American Express
Anglo Irish Bank
Arts Council of Great Britain
Arts Council of Northern Ireland
Bank of Ireland
British Council
Crawford Museum, Cork
Contemporary Arts Society
Deliotte Art Collection
Deutsche Bank
Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane
Government Art Collection London
Guinness Peat Aviation
Irish Museum of Modern Art
National Gallery of Australia
Neuberger Berman Collection, USA
Progressive, USA
Southampton City Art Gallery
Towner Art Gallery and Museum
Ulster Museum, Belfast
University of Ulster, Belfast
Worcester Museum and Art Gallery

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